Creative Spirit Cake Designs

Custom Cakes and Cupcakes

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 Creative Spirit Cake Designs is a Phoenix, Arizona home-based bakery that creates custom designed cakes and cupcakes that will completely represent the celebration at hand!  Not only do my creations look awesome, they taste incredible!

I work closely with my clients to create the most awesome design for their special occasion. Each cake is unique, detailed, and is a special "one of a kind" creation. 

I won't present any product that I would not love receiving myself. It brings me the utmost joy and satisfaction to see people happy and to see their smiling faces when they see what I created for their special celebration!

Creative Spirit Cake Designs will definitely make a lasting impression.   Your family and friends will be surprised and amazed by the detail and attention I put into all of my custom created  cakes.

Create - Execute - Deliver